The Mother of Dragons tells about Arkegonos in her “Literary Tisanine”

The Mother of Dragons tells about Arkegonos in her “Literary Tisanine”

With the release of our first book, we have formalized our collaboration with some of the greatest European artists. The Tales for Allietar the Night of Kiru The Amphiphrio teases, so, the curiosity of the talented Laura, in art The Mother of Dragons, which has decided to include us in its schedule.

In his column The Literary Tisanine , The Mother of Dragons he told the Arkegonos project giving his own personal and fascinating interpretation.


His live shows are born from the passion for cosplay, for role-playing games and for reading, where the inevitable stands out A song of Fire and Ice of George RR Martin which inspired her for her stage name.

The way in which he told Arkegonos demonstrates a profound sensitivity to the topics dealt with. This dowry has always distinguished it.

We could not, therefore, not dedicate the first article of our blog, entitled preciselyThe Mother of Dragons tells Arkegonos.

Laura has dedicated wonderful hours to us, which will remain forever engraved in all of us. But Kiru’s tales are not infinite, and it is with a lump in the throat that we approach the last of the scheduled notes.

And if on the one hand we hope that our stories have entered his heart, on the other we know that the conclusion of this cycle will bring some tears with it.

Because Mother has given us unforgettable moments… and we will not be able to greet her without a touch of emotion.

With this article we would like to thank you for having been with us in these difficult months. But we already feel nostalgia …

A little sad inside, but happy for this splendid journey, we invite you to spend with him the last appointment with the stories of Kiru which will be held on May 27th at 21:00 on his Twitch channel

The whole staff owes you a lot, Mother, and sends you a big hug …

… But a stronger one is that of Papa Arkegonos… glad you nicknamed him that!


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