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Discover Arkegonos: the Na’Shar universe awaits you! Incredible stories, a fantasy not to be missed!

A series a Limited Edition of splendid Collectible books created by our artists with fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Particular dedication has been given to illustrations, real works of art, which faithfully represent the imagination of Horace Josephson, creator of Arkegonos and the Universe Na’Shar.

The saga Arkegonos focuses on the great civilizations of Na’Shar and on the deeds of the heroes who guide them. The characters are replicated in Collectible statues made of resin, made and painted entirely by hand. Few pieces for true lovers of fantasy author who want unique artifacts of their kind and of great artistic value.

Collectible books: pieces a Limited Edition made by artists with craftsmanship. Not only! Also find the heroes in Collectible statues created in resin and hand painted.

In addition, our creative team is carefully working on two projects for gaming and RPG enthusiasts! In fact, the Board game and the Videogame!

Stay tuned! Soon on our website you will find all the Arkegonos news!