The story so far

“…A long time ago, the demiurges reunited to create Nezhar, our universe. Each the bringer of a Root, they imprinted these on the Soul, their biggest emanation, and gave the latter to some entities known as the arkegones: leviathans whose nature yet remains a mystery.

The Soul started to shape Nezhar during what was called the Dream Era, since each thing was created according to the demiurges’ imagination. But from the top of their wisdom, the arkegones knew that everything would soon be threatened.

Valkut, the renegade demiurge, felt a strong hatred towards his brothers and soon he would reveal his most powerful weapon: the Dark Roots.

The Soul started to falter but when times got dark, the arkegones created thirteen life-forms each different from the other in the form and principles, and injected one of the demiurges’ roots in each one of them, so as to keep their power going.

These powerful entities, these precursors, would defend the Soul with all of their being in an infinite war that still persists to this day.

Ur was the first…