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Kiru and Thing’s adventures

A collection of fairy tales illustrated by the best italian artists

In a universe full of worlds where small creatures become the main characters of crazy and garbled events, three Ulmarids awaken, a dangerous disease bothers travelers’ dreams and a mysterious creature lives in the depths of the lake where a young mogofy meets a strange fisherman.

It’s up to Kiru to introduce the reader to this wide world and he will do so through the ancient art of the amphiphries, storytelling to ease travellers’ dreams with tales of every kind.

Kiru knows many tales and his library has thousands of volumes and scrolls: he will choose some of them, maybe the most important ones, bound by a meaning he still can’t focus…

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Collectible Fantasy Books, Resin Miniatures and Prints


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At the moment there is only a single book written by Kiru, but we already know ( Thing secretly told us) that Kiru is working on a second collection of fairy tales…

Kiru’s book is currently only available in Italian, but Thing also told us secretly that it will soon be printed in other languages!

Kiru’s fairy tales can be appreciated by both young and old but they often deal with important issues, sometimes difficult to understand for the youngsters… but it could be a good first approach to deep and sad themes… This is also what growing up means, preparing for something bigger than us that we can hardly understand and accept…